Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holy Days

The Green Man
Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Wonderful Winter Holy Days. I don't care how what you believe, that is between you and your gods.

And Happy Paint Party Friday!  I love doing this blog hop and visiting all the other artist's blogs and seeing so much wonderful art. Stop by and visit!

I am loving the Green Man more and more. I just wish Blogger would post the picture the way I have it on my computer.

I have been putting the Green Man on a lot of items over in my Zazzle shop. My most favorite item is this pillow. I just love the way it turned out.

Green Man Pillow

Green Man Pillow by maryhysong

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Here is a final picture of "Spring". I'm still not totally happy with her face, but much better than before! If you missed it there are some progress pictures here.

Owl Woman
Here is a little better picture of Owl Woman, tho it is a little crooked so I'll have to take some more.  I'm pretty happy with the way she turned out.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Owl Woman, Green Man, Spring

Owl Woman

Woot It's Paint Party Friday! I missed last week, was just too busy. I love PPF tho, great art all over, hop on over and take a look.

I've been pretty busy the past two weeks. I finished Owl Woman, this phone pic does not do the colors justice but I haven't had a chance to get a really good picture of her yet. 16x20 acrylic on canvas.  Some in progress shots can be found on this post

Green Man 

After Owl Woman I did a Green Man, 8x8 canvas on the diagonal, acrylic.  I am pretty pleased with the way he turned out. Again a crappy cell phone pic.

work in progress

After the Green Man I started this one. Not sure about a title, but leaning towards Spring.  Took me three tries to get her eyes even and I"m still not thrilled with her looks, I know her proportions are off.  Hoping I can work on her some more this weekend.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Old Art Revisited

Red Poppies Vinyl Binder
Red Poppies Vinyl Binder by maryhysong
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I have been working on my Zazzle store. If you have never been to Zazzle you are in for a treat. Artists and designers design what is printed on thousands of products and post them for sale.  Then the customer can order it as is or customize it. The products are then printed by the company and shipped out to the customer.  Zazzle has nearly everything you could possibly imagine, starting with clothing for large and small, clocks, dishes, postage stamps, skate boards, calendars, I could fill this page with the list.

I haven't been making things over at Zazzle in awhile (too much life going on this year) so there are hundreds of new products to put my artwork on. Here are just a few for you to check out.

Red Poppy
Red Poppy by maryhysong
Look at Red Ties online at

sun flowers case for the iPad mini
sun flowers case for the iPad mini by maryhysong
Check out other Cobalt Cases at

Chilies! Hand Towel
Chilies! Hand Towel by maryhysong
Check out other Chili Kitchen Towels at

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Owl Woman, beginning

Owl Woman background and underpainting
Years ago I dreamed of Owl Woman. I have no idea where she came from. I've drawn her a few times over the years. Last night she came back to me and I stayed up late working on this.

I sketched her with pencil then went over the lines with thin black paint. The background has a lot of black, dioxizine purple and dark green mixes. Then I used some watered down browns and greys to add the shadows.

Owl Woman Blues and greys, flesh tones begin feathers

I used blues and greys for her hair and dress, a mixture of pinks and browns for the flesh, More greys with white and a touch of blue for the feathers.

Owl Woman a bigger moon, deepen shadows

I made the moon bigger, deepened the shadows and worked on highlights. I didn't like how her eyes look here, so reworked them as you'll see.

Owl Woman almost finished

I like her eyes much better here.  This is where I stopped and went to bed. I don't feel she is finished yet, so I will probably work on her more today.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Paint Party Friday,,,,I'm back!

I have been gone a long time, due to a lot of life I didn't paint for over a year. Things have changed now and I've been painting up a storm, mostly on rocks since they seem easier to sell than canvas. And they are so much fun.

I was thrilled to find the Paint Party Friday blog still up and running. How fun! Go by and visit! Discover artists from all over the world sharing their work.

I also found some little chalk board cut outs that have been a lot of fun to paint.

Add caption

These two were a lot of fun to do. I'd like to find more chicken silhouettes of different breeds but not even sure how to go about that.

I have done a couple of canvases though. I really had fun with the sky on this one.