Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rock Art

Burgandy Boot, had great fun painting this one!

I have been painting on rocks for a few years now. I really enjoy the whole process, finding rocks that just 'scream' at me what they want to be...birds, cats, dogs, fish, rubber duckies, feet, hands, fingers, faces, chickens, dragon eggs hatching, houses, wizards, 'burger and fries... you name it. When the supply is running low I go to the river early in the morning and walk around, picking up rocks. I enjoy the quiet time, just listening to the birds sing and the roar of the river.

I usually know what the rock should be as soon as I pick it up, sometimes even before I bend over to get it. I paint them with a special acrylic paint that has a UV inhibitor to help prevent fading and give them 3 coats of a clear seal for extra protection.

Here are some of my favorites,most of these have been sold, but you may contact me to discuss a commission.

A large fawn
A cute rubber duckie. I have actually found two rocks that were perfect little duckies.  
A very large turtle. I could barely lift this guy.
Leopard, another very large rock. This one is available.     

A yellow ribbon, can be personalized with name, dates, etc.
Pink dragon hatching

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