Sunday, January 30, 2011

High Desert Humane Society

Yesterday was a beautiful sunshiny day so I went over and worked some more on the Humane Society's Boutique. They are now open for business, but will have their Grand Opening next week. At that time they will be giving away gift baskets, one of which will have a Gift Certificate from me for a free pet portrait.

The store front, I've added a new dog and cat and finished the little puppy.
A close up of the puppy
A close up of the cat peeking in the window
Lucky has a new friend, Sophie
A close up of Sophie. Sophie was just adopted on Friday.


  1. What a beautiful building. How much more inviting can for a person to what to stop in and find the perfect pet?

  2. thanks wini, it is also a resale shop to help earn money to support their animal rescue efforts.