Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today's Cat

and here is today's cat, a nice fluffy calico
Calico pastel on colored paper, 8x10 inches, matted, ready for framing
I am really enjoying the pastels, easy to blend and get different effects. I also really like working on colored paper, with some things no need to do any background work at all. With other subjects the colored paper acts as the middle value in the color range.


  1. He's cool Mary. So pleased to hear you and Elise are coming out again! Can't wait to see you guys! In the mean time it's been great to watch the cats develop! This is going to be an epic exhibition I think. Well done.

  2. Thank you John! so excited about coming back! Can't wait to see all of you either! An epic exhibition, yes, don't know where I would find the space, LoL. 30 cats is a lot of cats; I will be going into the studio to do the last one in a bit. Just don't know yet what it will be ;-)

  3. I just learned that October 1, 2001, the calico cat became the official cat of the state of Maryland in the United States. Interesting trivia for you!