Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Decorative Painting is Ancient

Man has always decorated his surroundings with painting, carvings, weavings, ect. Here is a cool bit of a fresco from Pompeii, I did a similar mural with birds and ivy in a home. I just didn't have a good camera at the time so don't have a good photo of it.

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  1. The background of decorative painting designs in Deerfield back to the early occupation of North America. Using the arrival of immigrants from other lands and cultures came diverse models and approaches of painting. The immigrants became specifically active in decorative paintings within the 1800s as they sought to express the new environment and lifestyles in their new found land via art. Nevertheless, immigrants from Europe could not totally drop the European impact on art. Of these, folk art remains the most well-liked style of painting. The modern color palette as we know it these days has its origin in folk art as practiced by immigrants towards Americas within the 1800s.

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