Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Work

Well, I haven't spent ALL my time painting this weekend. I did go to dinner with my mom and little sis for our birthdays (sis & I are 10 years and 1 day apart). I've also been working on bookkeeping and taxes. To give my brain a rest I went to get the mail and bought a bingo scratcher, won $2, took it back and bought another, and won $25. So a nice day overall.

Here's the basset and Himalayan cat from Friday. sorry this is a tad fuzzy....just goes to show even with atuofocus and anti shake not every picture is perfect!
basset and Himalayan

Dalmatian, yellow tiger stripe, sleeping puppy, unicorn, rooster
Grey tabby cat
Mmmmm seems like all the cats have green eyes.... The Grey tabby is a pretty big rock, about 6x8x5 inches. Would make a good door stop.


  1. Love your 30 cats in 30 days series! Your rock paintings are too cool!!! Thanks for stopping by to visit me. :-) I didn't do PPF this week, as I was just too busy. Hopefully, I will next Friday.

  2. Thank you! My regular job doesn't always let me participate but I'm trying!