Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monday's Rocks

All right, finished a few rocks yesterday and here they are.
large turtle, a sheep, a pug, a pit bull, a Siamese cat, a Barbados sheep
This brings this batch of rocks total to 50 in 17 days. My goal was 100 good sized rocks ready for Boomtown April 15th, so it looks like I will meet or exceed that goal.


  1. best of luck with the show. At this rate you're gonna have a impressive display. Those turtles look great in gardens. Cats and dogs are super popular. I've had more success selling the small cat rocks. Cat people buy anything with a cat on people mainly search for their particular breed.

  2. Thank you Kiki & Leighsa; Your statement also mirrors my experience about cats and dogs. So my goal this year is to paint as many different breeds of dogs as I can. Besides they are so fun. I've also found that out of any given batch of rocks the ones that go first are those out of the ordinary; like the giant foot, rubber duckie, those things that you won't usually find another rock just like that.