Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cats & Dogs...

On Saturday morning I went over and painted at the Humane Society. Added a couple more little dogs, but it got too hot to finish. I might go over and paint a little more this morning.
mural in progress, High Desert Humane Society, Globe, Arizona
Then I came home and painted some more on Charla's panther. The background is not really bright yellow like that, I couldn't get the color to look right in the photo; the other colors are about right.

Black Panther 16x20 acrylic on linen, work in progress
Having a bit of trouble getting some areas of the big cat to look right, I quit for the night and did this fun rock.
Dalmatian Mother and pups, acrylic on stone, front, approximately 10x8 inches
Dalmatian Mother & pups, close up back side
Dalmatian Mother & pups close up, back side, sleeping pup


  1. Love your paintings on stone, the way the form of the stone integrates your composition. Perfect for mothers and babies.

  2. Thank you Lynette! I think integrating the shape of the stone into the painting is what makes me so fascinated with doing it.