Monday, May 30, 2011

Newest Pet Portrait: Sachmo

A friend of my last portrait client saw the finished result and gave me a call. So this is Sachmo, who has now gone over the rainbow bridge but lives on in the hearts of his family.
Sachmo, work in progress, acrylic on canvas, 18x24 inches

Sachmo, work in progress, acrylic on canvas,18x24 inchesa couple of layers of paint on most of the canvas so far.
I see some areas that need tweaking. But today is catch up the house work day. I might work on him some more later on in the evening.


  1. I love seeing Work in Progress Mary and this is looking fantastic. Annette x

  2. Thanks Annette; trying to get some regular chores finished and dinner on so I can get back to this one!

  3. I love watching others work inprogress,,such a lovely tribute to ones canine friends,

  4. hi just going to be repeating what has already been said....but i really do love seeing work as it's coming through...sometimes I find it more interesting than the final piece!

  5. laurie and eimear, thankyou for stopping by. Life has been a bit crazy this week; hoping to get back to this guy this afternoon. Would like to be able to deliver him this weekend!