Saturday, May 21, 2011

A New Venture

I have just discovered Squidoo, yes that is a really funny name and no, I don't know the story behind it yet. Squidoo is a free publishing platform, where you can write an article (only they call it a lens) about something, add some text, some links, ect. Squidoo makes money through Google ads on the pages and it just happens to share some of that money with their authors. I joined up because I've had good advice from Zazzle ProSellers that writing about things at Squidoo and then linking to related items at Zazzle is a good promotional tool. I'm also hoping that my website will get a boost too.

So, you can click on the link above and read what I wrote about Artists that Paint on Stone. There are lots of links to some of the ones that have taught me about Rock Art and links to some I just discovered.

And here is a picture of a leopard I did a couple of years ago; he has sold, but I'm looking for some more largish rocks the right size to do another. Or maybe I will do a black panther!
Leopard, acrylic on stone, 13.5x7.5x7 inches

Leopard back


  1. Hi Mary!! Pleased to find you here!! I will put you blog in my favourites!! Ciao!!

  2. Hello Mary,
    This is a very beautiful painted stone. If you ever paint another leopard like this one let me know!
    It is great to discover your blog.

    Best wishes,
    Jo May.

    PS. I am now following you here! ;-)

  3. Hi Joanne! Thanks for following and your comment. I have a couple of really big rocks that might become leopards but of course too big to ship. I' going to look at some of my smaller ones too. But the rock pile has shrunk so it's about time to take a trip to the river and go rockin'!

  4. Beautiful work you have! I am also a rock artist if you would like to see some of my paintings :)

  5. wow, you are good!!!
    I happen to love to see rock paintings, hard to do!