Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bell Peppers

Tonight I decided to try out some more of the handmade paper that I bought at the paper making museum in Fabriano. This is colored a light green and has a smooth side and a rough side. I used the rough side. This quick study of bell peppers was done in Atelier Interactive acrylics. I didn't use much water with them because the paper is pretty thin and I didn't want it to buckle.

This one is done on the same paper with soft pastels and pastel pencils. I don't have a large selection of pastels so I don't have a lot of colors to work with, this was about the best I could do with what I have.

These were inspired by the exhibition I saw in Ascoli of Giulio Gabreielli's (1832-1910) work. He mostly used guache or oil on paper and worked in small sizes. It was really cool to see his little sketchbooks. Also very cool was the fact that many of the buildings and landscapes he painted are still there, in some cases little changed from when he painted them. The exceptions are the additions of electric lines and the exchange of donkeys and horses for cars and motorbikes.

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