Saturday, September 10, 2011

Early Morning in Montidinove Street Scene

Early Morning in Montidinove  work in progress
I have begun  a painting from one of my photographs, an early morning street in Montidinove. This is a diptych, each panel is 12x24 inches.

First I drew most of it out in pencil. I skipped all the modern electric lines and street signs. Then I went over it in diluted acrylic.

Early Morning in Montidinove, work in progress

Then I toned the canvas with diluted raw sienna.

Early Morning in Montidinove, work in progress

Then I worked on the shading with diluted burnt umber. All of this was done with regular fast drying acrylics.

Early Morning in Montidinove work in progress

Then I broke out my Chroma Atelier acrylics. These are acrylics that can be re-wet and reworked even when touch dry. I like how the new layers of paint melt into the first layers. I think it builds up the color nicer than with regular acrylics.

Here I've begun on the sky, at the very top is a little cobalt blue.

Early Morning in Montidinove work in progress

Then I began adding Cerulean mixed with a little Titanium white as I begin going down the sky, adding more and more white as I go, going back and forth blending it in.

Early Morning in Montidinove work in progress

Towards the bottom of the sky I added a touch of Naples Yellow. Here I've also begun laying in some local color and suggesting the wall textures.

Early Morning Montidinove, work in progress

I continue to work from back to front, adding color and texture. Here I've also smoothed out the sky a little more.

Early Morning Montidinove work in progress

Here I've begun work on some of the background and mid-ground details like the flower pots. I have now covered the entire canvas with at least one layer of the Atelier paint.


  1. wow, its amazing the process,, beautiful,,

  2. So beautiful. I loved seeing the progress and reading what you did. Thanks for the gel idea that you left in my blog comments. I used acrylic gloss medium. Is gel better?

  3. Wonderful! I love seeing the step by step progress--it's so magical and I imagine you breathing life into this scene as you paint it. Thank you for sharing the process with us :)

  4. Thanks for showing the step-by-step: it explains the process to folks who may not understand the amount of work involved. Good job!