Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We Find a Roman Temple

On Monday we just took a drive, taking this road and that. First we ended up in Montidinove, another typical hill town.

piazza, Montidinove


View from Montidinove

street, Montidinove
garden, Montidinove

Later we drove down the coast to Pesaro and had a bite to eat. We stopped for a bit along the beach for a snack and some sketching. We drove up the coast aways, then headed back inland.

We followed some signs for an archaeological park, which was closed, but I was able to take some photos through the fence.

As usual, nothing was in English, but I looked it up later online. Apparently this is still under investigation, but it is a Roman Temple site from around 1st-2nd century AD. But they don't know to what deity it was dedicated yet.

Farther up the hill is a little town, Monti Rinaldo. The place looked half deserted, especially since it was siesta time. Even accounting for that a lot of the buildings were empty and the windows boarded up or shuttered.

Monti Rinaldo

Monti Rinaldo
After leaving Monti Rinaldo we were headed home and decided to stop by a little 'rustico', a tumble down house for some sketching. The old houses stand up pretty well until the roof tiles start coming off in the winter winds. Then the roof slowly gives way. In the meantime ivy and even trees gain a little foot hold in the walls where eventually their roots push the rocks out of place and the walls start to come down. In a hundred years or so there may not be too much left to even show there was a house here.

We made one last stop at a little vineyard near the Retreat for some pictures of the ripening grapes.

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