Sunday, September 11, 2011

Early Morning in Montidinove, almost finished

Early Morning Montidinove, work in progress
I think I am nearly finished with this. Here I've straitened up some bits on the pink and white buildings. The perspective isn't quite right on them but I'm going to leave it. I did raise the street in front of the pink building and it does look better now.

Before I washed that right hand building with the purple mix I had coated it with binder medium so it wouldn't lift the layers under neath. Unfortunately the medium is a bit shiney so now I'm getting some glare. Also the area is a little darker than this in real life. 


  1. This is beautiful and it is so wonderful to be able to look through all of your wip pics - each one is a work of art in itself!


  2. Thank you Kristin and more in my head! Just not enough hours in a day.

  3. This is great I feel like I could step in & stroll around the town, maybe get some fresh bread & coffee - love it!!