Sunday, September 11, 2011

Early Morning in Montidinove Work in Progress

Early Morning Montidinove work in progress
Here I've been working on the cobblestone street and small details here and there.

Early Morning Montidinove

I wanted the foreground building on the right to be in a darker shadow (and it actually is darker than it's showing up here) so I washed over the whole area with a mixture of Indigo (blue-black) and Quinacridone Red Violet. I then restated the texture. I also adjusted the perspective of the window sills. Then painted over the shrubs and flowers.

The dark shadow area on the street is not black but a combination of Indigo and Burnt Umber. For the cobblestones in that area I just added white. For the cobblestones in the sunny areas I washed the street with a lighter mix of the cobblestone color, then lightened it up with Titanium White and Naples yellow to add the cobblestone texture.
I brightened up the pink house a bit with Vermillion+Titanium White and added some white to lighten up the house next to it.

I see a few more bits I need to tweek, mostly small details but I am very pleased with how this painting is turning out.

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