Thursday, August 25, 2011


Egyptian Church, Force, from above
  1. On Monday we drove up to Force (pronounced For-chay) We parked on a lower street and walked up to the central piazza. Force is a small hill town with narrow streets. There is a church on the top, around the piazza (plaza) and then there is the 'Egyptian' church lower down. The Egyptian church cracks me up; the windows and brick work make faces.
I'm not sure why our hosts call it the Egyptian church, I will try and find the proper name of it though.

Force, piazza

Elise stood by the wall and drew the landscape and I settled on painting  the buildings on a little street. We had several admirers, though only one, an Albanian worker, could speak English. I did figure out that one of the gentlemen was also an artist and painted in oils.

Begonia, force
Everywhere in Italy, any little sliver of land there is a garden and where there is no land there is an abundance of flowers growing in pots.

street in force
geraniums in wall pots, Force
Most of the little hill towns are similar, built on top of a hill, the main road spirals around to the center, then back down the other side of the hill. Buildings are built on curves to conform to the streets. The towns all have one or more churches, the main church and often any government buildings will front on the piazza or central square. If the town has a market, this will be where it is held one day a week, as well as any seasonal festivals.

street in Force
little old door, Force

old door, Forcce
There are many interesting bits of architecture in the old towns, this door still seems to have a very old lock attached to it, though I don't think they still use it. this door is probably to a store room of some sort.

View of the Retreat from Force

Street in Force

All the shops close up and the traffic is very light in the afternoon for siesta. Then everything opens back up about 4 or 5 until 6 or 7, except the restaurants which of course are open later.

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