Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We Arrive in Force

View of Force from the Retreat
On Saturday evening we arrived in at The Retreat in Force. Actually the Retreat is across the valley from the town itself. Had a lovely evening just relaxing and catching up with our friends, John and Jana, and their two girls, Lilly and Ivy.

We hung about the Retreat on Sunday, drawing and painting and getting -reacquainted with a familiar landscape. In the evening we went with John and Jana into town where an Englishman, Chris Owens, was having an art opening. Chris and his wife have summered in the area for several years and hope to move permanently from England over the winter.

We were also introduced to Adam Williams and his wife Hong Ying, both best selling authors, who come on holiday each summer. We then went to a lovely restaurant and had dinner with Chris and his wife Terry along with John and family.then back up the mountain to have drinks under the stars and off to bed.


Force view from the Retreat


  1. Lucky duck. They are both great writers. I'm glad that you are having a lovely holiday. hugs

  2. Thanks! didn't chat with them too much, we were leaving to go to dinner, but might meet up with them again. The books looked interesting; think I'll have to look them up when I get home.