Friday, August 26, 2011

To Market, To Market

veggie plants for sale in the market

A large vegetable stall in the market

After breakfast on Wednesday we went to the market in Amandola. Besides veggies and veggies plants there were stalls selling clothing and accessories. I picked up a nice all cotton skirt. We stocked up on fresh vegetables and fruit and picked up a piece of sausage (very different than what we get in the States; no ground, a solid piece of meat)

country road
After leaving the market we headed for Sarnano because there is an exhibition of Crivelli works there. Along the way we stopped by this country road in the shade to eat the lunch we had packed.

Sarnano gate house

Typical of hill towns the old part of town at the top is enclosed in walls and you must pass through the guard gate. Today of course there are no guards and the buildings are usually given over to government offices or even made into residences. We parked near the bottom of town and had a steep hike up the winding passage ways to the small piazza on top, where the exhibition is. Unfortunately it was closed for siesta and we did not want to wait around 3 hours. So we sketched a bit and looked around and then took off again.

doors in Sarnano
Sarnano street
Residences around the piazza, Sarnano
View from Mount Amandola

We started back but took an interesting looking road and ended up on top of Mount Amandola, inside of the Sybillini National Park.
View from Mount Amandola

Elise on Mount Amandola

Flower on Mount Amandola


  1. thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos of your fab holiday!

  2. Thanks Christine; hope you will all browse the archives for more pictures! Some amazing scenery here.

  3. What a great day in a beautiful setting. Makes me itchy to go somewhere ancient.