Friday, August 19, 2011

In Italy!

My friend Elise and I met up at the airport in Rome on Wednesday afternoon and picked up our rental car.It took a bit to figure out how it worked since while it is an 'automatic' as you can see it does not work quite the same as cars at home. Automatic here simply means you don't have a clutch to push in; but you still have to change gears yourself ;-)

We did manage to get out of Rome without too much trouble, it did help that Elise had brought her GPS. On our way to Perugia we saw this unusual wall. Actually I think it is probably the remains of an aqueduct; that is sort of a raised canal for moving water from one place to another.

Near where we parked to take pictures of the aquaduct was a cute little place with a garden so I took some pictures of it until the dogs came out, they were barking and we didn't want to bother anyone so left quick.

Lovely eggplants of different sorts
A small town we were driving through.

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  1. Very nice, Mary! I was in Italy in '68 and would love to go back someday... did you get a chance to have chocolate gelato? The best in the world.

    Good to see your site up.