Friday, August 19, 2011

Perugia, the City

Street in Perugia
You can see from the photos how narrow the streets are. This particular one is closed to cars but even where you can drive they are this narrow. Remember this is the oldest part of the city; most of the buildings here are 500+ years old.

I am facinated by how they have built little bridges between the buildings, which you can see in this first photo. Some seem like open terraces and others are closed in and even look like they are part of an apartment.

built over the street, Perugia
You can see in this close up the lowest bridge in the other photo. To me it looks like it might have been just a walkway with the railing which was later filled in and built on top of.

The streets are very confusing, especially if you are driving, since you can't drive on all of them and some of them are one way. Of course they are all so narrow they don't seem large enough to have two way traffic, even if the cars are smaller over here!

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