Friday, August 26, 2011

Smerillo and Roman ruins

old fashioned haystack
On Monday afternoon we left Force and wound around through the hills, no special destination in mind. We drove through a tiny place, Ceresola, where we stopped to take a photo of this very old fashioned haystack. You don't really see these any more, not even in rural Italy, as most all the farmers use the round balers.

Then we turned around to get back in the car and saw this adorable couple.

We came across the little town of Smerillo, this is the view from the main road. We parked and walked up the stairs because there was a sign for a pizzaria and we were ready to eat lunch.

Garden in Smerillo
As we walked up the steps there was a beautiful garden and the gardener harvesting and weeding. She didn't speak any English but we told her the garden was 'bella', she seemed a bit embarrassed, but maybe a bit proud also.

Looking down the street in Smerillo

Roman gate, Smerillo

We ate lunch at the pizzaria. No one spoke English but we know the names of the pasta dishes and ensalata (salad) and so had pasta and salad on the terrace. We sat and drew a little while, then too a walk to the tower we had seen from the road. Smerillo was a Roman fortification and the tower has been restored a little.

Smerillo, Roman gate

Smerillo, Roman gate from above

old door, Smerillo

plants grow on a roof, Smerillo
view from Smerillo
We walked to the other end of town to discover that we had been here last year, having lunch at La Loggia; had we realized it we would have eaten there, tho the lunch we had was delicious and sufficient. La Loggia sits right on the edge of the old Roman fortification and there is another arched gate way near their car park. Then you can follow the old road to another town, but that would be a long hike. So we settled for smelling the flowers and taking in the view, then back to the Retreat.
Smerillo Roses

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