Thursday, August 18, 2011

On My Way To Italy!

scorpion suckers
At the airport in Washington, DC I went in a shop to buy some water as you cannot bring even commercially sealed water through security. And I was greeted at the checkout counter by these suckers with scorpions embedded in them. yuck! The clerk said they sold a lot of them, they are very popular. I don't see the attraction, frankly. I don't think I could get one in my mouth!

scorpion sucker
From DC I flew overnight to Rome. A pleasant flight, I had an aisle seat and it wasn't too full so the girl that was in the window seat decided she needed more space and went and found herself another spot. That meant I had two seats and could actually stretch out a bit.

The flight itself was only 8.5 hours, but Italy is quite a bit ahead of Arizona.

dawn  over Ireland at 35,000 feet
As the sun rose we were just coming in over Ireland where we turned, crossing just over Cornwall, then over Spain and on over Italy to Rome.

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  1. ooo, sick suckers,, ewww,, lovely photos though from the plane,, have a amazing time!!!